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Terra Nova Boot Memorial Service


“He was truly a servant leader…A great void is left in his absence. Even greater is the richness he gave to us—his smile, wisdom, compassion and courage. He was faithful to us to the very end. Even greater than the void is love and love never dies.”

-Chaplain at Terra Nova

Today we honor the life of an American Hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for our unit and our country while preparing to ambush enemy forces that were operating east of COP STOUT on 9 SEP 2010.

Lieutenant Todd Weaver was an infantry officer transferred to our Battalion from 2-502 Infantry on August 2d to serve as the platoon leader of 1st platoon, HAVOC company—a place where “everybody fights and nobody quits”. He was assigned to our Battalion because we are in the midst of a difficult fight against a determined enemy in some very unforgiving terrain. Make no mistake—this is a dismounted infantry fight and LT Weaver’s skills and experience were needed to help defeat insurgent forces in the Khosrow region of the Arghandab River Valley.

Oil painting: Todd Afghanistan, 24 x 36 inches

When 2-502 was tasked to send a Lieutenant to TOP GUNS, their Battalion Commander selflessly sent one of their very best in Todd Weaver. His Professor of Military Science of the ROTC Department at the College of William and Mary said that Todd was one of the best cadets in the program. 


When I first met him on August 2d, it was easy to see why all his previous commanders cited him as being such an outstanding officer. He was clearly eager to lead his platoon and had a fire in his eye that was unmistakable. 


During the critical incident de-brief with his platoon after he was killed on 9 SEP, I could see and hear how much he meant to the platoon and what an impact he had made upon their lives. The men of 1/H would follow LT Weaver anywhere. Todd made a significant impact in an area that had been in enemy hands for many years. Our mission is further along because of Todd’s actions and his sacrifice. 


I visited with LT Weaver on several occasions in the past 7 weeks during my frequent battle field circulation to COP STOUT. Todd and I had several meaningful conversations where he talked about the mission, his Soldiers, leadership, media engagements, and always about his family. My own morale was lifted whenever we spoke because in him I knew our Soldiers had the very best leadership possible.  He gave me confidence that we would never fail in our pursuit of victory. 


I am a better person for knowing Todd Weaver and I know 1/H feels the same way. Due to his actions we are one step closer to cutting off the Taliban in an area of great importance to them. Todd died fighting to protect his Soldiers, his family and our country—there is no greater honor. 


I will never allow him to be forgotten. We will continue to fight in his name to honor his sacrifice. Our momentum is unstoppable and we will not fail.


TOP GUNS—Willing and Able, STRIKE, Air Assault!

LT COL David Flynn

Battalion Commander

Terra Nova Boot Memorial

September 14, 2010

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