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"He demonstrated incredible strengths in leadership, fellowship and dedication that all whom he came in contact with admired."

-Chaplain, Terra Nova

After Todd was killed, his unit continued the fight and drove the Taliban from the area. By late 2010, the 1/320th Field Artilery BN of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division had established STRONG POINT WEAVER (photos below), "to ensure the Taliban cannot return to that area and also to provide secuity for the rebuilding of homes for the people who were chased out of the village by the insurgents. It is an ever present reminder of Todd's sacrifice and what he stood for...everything I saw made perfect sense for what Todd was trying to achieve. God had a plan for Todd that day".

(quote by LT Col David Flynn)

Strong Point Weaver
Before - After - Rebuilt
This slide presentation includes photos from Todd's military service from enlistment, training, combat assignment in Iraq through his combat service in Afghanistan. 
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