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The 1LT Pietrus J. Wassdorf and 1LT Todd W. Weaver Scholarship

The Jesuit College Preparatory School - Dallas, TX

Scholarship funding is awarded to the children of U. S. Military who, in the service of their country are killed in action.

In 1944, Todd's great uncle Army 1LT Pietrus J. Wassdorf was killed by a land-mine during the sweep north on the Italian Peninsula. He left behind a wife and unborn son. That son, Pete Wassdorf, established this award. When Todd was killed, the award was renamed to include a second family Hero, killed two generations later under similiar circumstances.

To make tax deductible contributions to this award, mail to:


Liza O'Conner, Executive Director

The Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas Foundation

12345 Inwood Rd., Dallas TX 75224

Check payable to: 

The Pietrus J. Wassdorf - Todd W. Weaver Scholarship Fund

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