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Losing Todd was definitely the most difficult human condition our family has had to endure. Being active in building this award to honor Todd's memory during such raw days of grief and sorrow by our family was inspiring despite our initial concern that it would be a difficult challenge.   

We would like to thank the many people who supported us during that year. They included our family and friends, both near and far, as well as the new friends we made. Many we personally did not know, but they still  contributed to the Award and supported our endeavor. They included the many military organizations and their personnel who were always there for us and we know will continue to be, as well as the staff at Todd's Bruton High School which honored Todd early on. They retired his football and baseball jerseys and helped us build a scholarship there in Todd's Memory. We thank especially the many departments of the College of William and Mary to include the Dept. of Government, The Presidents Office, the Development Office, SASC, The Muscarelle Museum of Art and the ROTC Dept., all of whom worked with us and for us. Finally our thanks to the news media for the compassion and respect shown toward our family. 

Our family dynamics changed forever with the loss of Todd. Our love for him and the overwhelming joy he brought to our lives will never diminish. For those of you who knew him and have come to know him, we know you feel the same. We now look to the future within our family to continue to navigate the rest of our lives, guided by Todd's life and sacrifice. Todd's beautiful spirit will always be a part of our lives. We look to the future with hope, peace, and love. Return

Professor John McGlennon read the Proclamation for the endowed scholarship and hundreds of candles were lit to pay tribute to the hundreds of people who brought our dream to have an endowed scholarship in memory of Todd to reality. The first recipient to be awarded the scholarship was announced on October 22, 2011, coincidentally the anniversary of Todd's birth. 

William and Mary Memorial Award Announced

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