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Remembering Todd: 2021

"The Soldier never choses war or even shapes the fight - he can only shape the battlefield each day he is in that fight."

--Donn A. Weaver

"Personal Items Returned", oil painting by Jeanne Harris Weaver, one in the Series of Paintings, "Losing Todd A Mother's Journey"

January 2021 - Monument To The Fallen 
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Veteran Voice Weekly Newspaper and three other publications remember Todd as they inform the  public of Brevard County, Florida that a new monument  is being created at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery.  This granite and bronze monument will be placed along the Memorial Path at the Cemetery and will be specifically in memory of those in our Armed Forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  The monument design created by Jeanne Weaver went through a ten month approval period by the National Cemetery Administration. The bronze bas relief will be replicated after the painting, Terra Nova, one of the twenty-one paintings created by Todd’s mom and artist, Jeanne Harris Weaver. It is estimated that the monument will cost $18,500. after discounts offered by the companies involved. Donations are being collected by the Cape Canaveral Support Committee. To donate, make checks payable to Support Committee at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery, NC and mail to PO Box 554, Mims, FL 32754. For additional information feel free to contact Todd’s parents via the contact information on this website. It is hoped the monument will be completed in time for a dedication on Memorial Day. 

In May of 2021, Senior Scene Magazine exhibits Terra Nova painting  in remembrance of Memorial Day and 1LT Todd Weaver- To see the article go to Senior Scene

May, 2021

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The city of Melbourne, Florida presents Todd's parents, Donn and Jeanne in a ceremony, a certificate of proclamation honoring Todd Memorial Day, 2021

May, 2021


May, 2021 CROSSFIT

On Memorial Day weekend in Los Angeles, the CROSSFIT competition named in Todd's memory has the largest turnout in history. They have to have four flights of 30 people each to complete the exercise. 

Late August, 2021 

As our country withdrew from Afghanistan, Todd's father, Donn was asked by channel 6 News, CBS Orlando to comment on the impact on the debacle in Afghanistan on a Gold Star family whose son died serving in that country. 

Late August:

Many letters, cards, emails, and Facebook comments were sent to us as the Afghanistan withdrawal took place reminding all of Todd's courage and honor. It was not Todd's decision to abandon Afghanistan, but while he was there he did exactly what his country asked him to do. We are all around of him. 

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On the morning of 9/11 at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery, The Monument to The Fallen was dedicated. The bronze bas relief and black granite monument was two years in the making from the conception of the idea, approval from National, Regional and Local VA cemeteries, the raising of funds and creation of the work. Todd's mother, Jeanne's oil painting, Terra Nova was used for the bas relief created by American Bronze in Sanford, Florida as well as the two gold stars, The granite and installation of the work was done by Island Stoneworks in Cocoa, Florida and CSPRAY, also of Cocoa did the engraving. The Support Committee of Cape Canaveral National Cemetery handled the donations and payments for the entire project which cost over $25,000.00 when all was completed. Thank you to all of you who helped to create this important monument honoring those service members who have fallen in the line of duty to our country.


It was significant that this monument was dedicated on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. On that day, Todd came home from high school and said to his parents that he would have to do something...

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An Unexpected Award For Todd

On November 13, 2021, more than three months after the application was submitted by The College of William and Mary ROTC Program, 1LT Todd W. Weaver was inducted into the National ROTC Hall of Fame. 

The ceremony was held at half time of William and Mary Football game on Military Appreciation Day. More than 14,000 fans were in attendance as the Weaver family assembled in the end zone to receive the award on behalf of Todd. The certificate on the left and a plaque were presented and Donn had a chance to speak to the stadium crowd. It was truly a special day, yet again, to be "One Tribe, One Family" for the College and the Weaver Tribe. 

A New Milestone For the Todd Weaver Study Abroad Award

As of December 2021, we were advised that the endowment for the Study Abroad Award passed $100,000.00 for the first time ever. This is more than twice as much as was received during our year long fund raising effort in 2011-12. This means that donors continue to support the Study Abroad Award and that three government /economics / international relations students will be able to receive the award each year, long into the future. The vision our family had in the fall of 2010 is now firmly a part of the William and Mary academic landscape. Todd's legacy is cemented. 

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