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Remembering Todd

"Love is action. It is an act of will far more than an act of the heart. And when it is heart and will-it is glorious"

-The Rev. Samuel Lloyd

Todd continues to live in the hearts of many--his family, friends, and those who have come to know him after his death. Consequently, tributes to honor Todd's sacrifice and to ensure his legacy continue. Even now, six years later he continues to touch the hearts of many throughout our nation. To use Todd's favorite word, "that is awesome!" . 

Many have joined us in honoring his memory and sacrifice. With this fully updated website, we hope you will learn more about Todd, and through him, come to appreciate the courage and sacrifice of so many who have gone into harms way for their country.

As time passes, we will continue to update this site and post those tributes which take place in honor and memory of Todd.


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