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Losing Todd: A Mother's Journey, 
                                 Finding Peace in My Heart

Twenty-one paintings made into a Book
Published by the Muscarelle Museum of Art
at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

In one year’s time I painted 21 canvases in oil. The first 17 were shown in a two month exhibit beginning on the first year anniversary of Todd’s death. It was held at his alma mater, The College of William & Mary, in the campus' Sadler Center Annex of the Muscarelle Museum of Art.

I left a little black journal with the exhibit for peoples' comments. After the exhibit, and when I read the comments I realized I had created more than a series of paintings in memory of my son, Todd. I had captured the universal, human, solemn emotion -- Love.

I began to discuss with Aaron DeGroff, The CEO of the Muscarelle the idea of creating a book which would showcase the paintings and explain why I painted each canvas. What emerged was a book of art with narrative essays by myself and by ten other contributors, some who knew Todd in his life, and others who came to know him after he was killed.


 While painting this series and with God’s grace, I was allowed the time to learn how to navigate my new state of being. As a mother, artist, and author, I understand how a particular journey can help us understand the larger experience of being human. I hope others will find inspiration and encouragement in my book. 

I greatly appreciate everyone at The Muscarelle Museum of Art who was involved in the production of this work. I thank each of them for their dedication in sharing a story we felt needed to be told. 


--Jeanne Harris Weaver

     Artist, Author and Mother

Contributing Essays

Danielle H. Dallaire

COL. David S. Flynn

Dr. Robert M. Gates

The Rev. Scott T. Holcombe

Harvey J. Langholtz, Ph.D

John J. McGlennon, PhD

The Rev. Danielle DuBois Morris

Brian Randall

W. Taylor Reveley III

A Solemn Honor


“...Contributing to this book, a story brought to life with art, has been more than a duty. It is the opportunity to share in book form, a connection I had with 1LT Todd Weaver at our College and in war. I hope this book will help keep his memory alive and remind those who read this volume of America’s debt to all who bravely serve--and to their families..."


--Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense

  From his essay within the book

Jeanne speaks with Heidi Horsely and Alan Peterson about the healing power of art, healing through our heart, mind and hand connection.

Go ToRadio Show. 

Books are available to purchase from Jeanne and from (a Grief Resource Center). For more information go to my contact page: 

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