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Terra Nova Remarks 

Drew Shaffer, Company Commander

"Todd gave confidence to everyone around him"

Todd Weaver came to us on Bakersfield 1. I remember when TG 6 showed up that afternoon— with Todd and LT Ivey, some scouts, a wild eyed reporter from somewhere. We quickly were in the mix that afternoon—we dropped a hell-fire on building 7. Welcome to the battery.


It is a very tough spot for a leader to be placed in. We were zombies—tired, dirty. We still had to come to grip with our success at Bakersfield—and our losses. Todd took it all in stride. He had the professional swagger. He was selected to join 1st Platoon due to his experience. Because of his performance. Because he was the best.


He integrated rapidly. He made himself part of the team and made the team better. 1st Platoon had never had a platoon leader before. Todd jumped in—the mix of MOS’s, backgrounds.


He loved the platoon he led. He bragged about them after the battles they won. He told Strike 7 “They fight just like Infantry!” He was back where he needed to be—leading Soldiers. Todd gave confidence to everyone around him.


I was there when Todd died and I know he did not suffer. I take consolation from that. He was doing what he loved when he was killed—what he had dedicated his professional life to. He was at the decisive point of his platoon’s operation—positioning the critical weapon systems to increase the operation’s effectiveness.


It was a terrible shock to the battery to lose Todd. He had done so much in such a short period. TG6 and the Chaplain came out that morning. In the discussion, as down-trodden as the mood was, one connecting piece came through. Todd would not have quit. He would not have settled. He would continue to conduct operations to destroy the enemy, protect the people and keep our Soldiers safe. He had already imparted the “intestinal fortitude to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor.” Todd was a Ranger and he truly lead the way. 


First Lieutenant Todd Weaver had a bright future in life and in the Army. He is survived by his parents, Donn and Jeanne, his wife, Emma, and his daughter, Kiley. We will not forget Todd and his sacrifice, nor his family's. We will honor that sacrifice. We will continue to fight. 

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