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Tributes 2010

September 11, 2010

     Less than forty-eight hours after Todd is killed, the Revolutionary Guard of the Army ROTC program of the College of William & Mary lays a wreath in honor and memory of Todd at the Sunken Garden on 9/11/2010.

Sept. 24, 2010

     Bruton High School retires Todd's football and baseball "10" jerseys in a moving ceremony before the first home football game of the 2010 season. Plans are announced for the future establishment of a college scholarship for senior students in the future. 

October, 2010

     W&M hosts Military Appreciation day at a home football game. A moment of silence is held for Todd, as our family are guests of the ROTC program. In an awesome coincidence, the previously scheduled 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Parachute team jumps into Zable Stadium at halftime. The weekend of that game begins the sales of One Tribe, One Family wrist bands which end up earning more than $18,000.00 for the Overseas Study Abroad Award in Todd's memory. This project is created by and run by the SASC at the College and continues for one year.

Sept., 2010

     Within days of Todd's death, his father-in-law, George Cloyd, a renowned silver-smith began his own personal mission to honor Todd. He had crafted a metal bracelet for Todd to wear after losing friends in Iraq. Todd was killed wearing that bracelet. Wanting to do something to support the family and honor Todd's legacy, George crafted at no cost to others dozens of silver and metal bracelets which are worn to this day by many family members and friends. Our family will always appreciate that gesture of love which has helped us to continue Todd's legacy. 

Nov. 14, 2010     The Veteran's Society of William and Mary dedicates an American Beech tree at Brafferton Gardens near Wren Hall. At the base of the tree is a plaque with an inscription of the famous quote by John F. Kennedy. The Company, SpecTal, gifts a bench which is installed across from the tree in memory of Todd. At the ceremony held within Wren Great Hall, remarks are made by many to a full hall. Among those speaking is Steven Popps, a friend of Todds, and Todd's Sister Adrianna, who explains why the specific tree was chosen. Adrianna also announces the creation of the W&M 1LT Todd W. Weaver Memorial Study Abroad Award. Steven's Speech 

Adrianna's Speech

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