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Words from BG Michael Sloane

BG Michael Sloane Oct. 4, 2019


I would like to let you know the coin you presented to me, with Todd's picture on the back, is on my office conference table with the design facing upward.  


I have already told Todd's abbreviated story 3 times to visitors in my office when I speak about Gold Star families and our Fallen Comrades.


Each time I told the story, I showed the coin and told the visitors to "now turn it over to see Todd".   


This really makes a tremendous impact and reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice Todd and others have made for this country and us.


I then kindly remind people that what we do must be greater than self, business, and self-gain.  It is about the men and women who serve our great nation.


We want them to always win and safely return home.  


This sets the stage for meaningful conversations.

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