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A Celebration of Life

September 25, 2010--President W. Taylor Reveley

"W&M is proud to count Lieutenant Weaver as one of our own-one of the best of our best"

The death of a person about whom we care deeply is always hard to bear, but when death comes suddenly to someone who is still young and who is a person of enormous past accomplishment and enormous future promise, death is a particularly wrenching blow.


Todd was moved to action by the September 11th attacks on his country, our country. He decided to defend America at his first opportunity and enlisted in the National Guard upon graduating from Bruton Parish High School. Todd was already a veteran of the Iraq War when he came to William & Mary. 


Todd’s presence was quickly felt on campus. He was a born leader, with a personality that drew people to him. He became our ROTC cadet battalion commander while excelling in the classroom. Todd graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from the College, which is one of the most academically demanding schools in the world. The description of Todd as “the best of the best” really does capture reality.


One of Todd’s professors shared a memory from a class in which Todd was among the students. A fellow student suddenly became ill and passed out. In the professor’s words, “Todd acted with amazing speed, before anyone else even realized what was going on, to make sure (the stricken student) didn’t hit her head on the floor and that her head was elevated. I didn’t… know what to do…Todd was the leader.”


Todd was always the leader. He led from his days as a star athlete in high school until he died leading a reconnaissance team in Afghanistan. William & Mary is proud to count Lieutenant Weaver as one of our own—one of the best of our best. He will be missed enormously, but not forgotten.


The College of William & Mary’s American flag has flown at half mast in honor and memory of Todd Weaver. I have this flag with me and will put it in Emma’s hands after this service. Another American flag has now taken its place on the College’s flag pole, also at half mast for Todd, even as this service continues.


Ties between the Weaver family and William & Mary run deep and true. The College mourns with you.

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