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A Celebration Of Todd's Life

September 25, 2010, Emma Weaver

"The most special gift that Todd has ever given me is our daughter, Kiley."

The greatest kinds of people are the ones who impact the lives of others for the better. My husband’s strength of character and values in life left lasting impressions on all of us. He was an amazing person who left this world too soon. Todd lived a life full of achievements and recognition, a lot of which many here didn’t know until recently. Although he succeeded in everything he ever put his mind to—he was never boastful or overly confident. He worked hard for everything he had and always gave it his all. Todd was raised by his wonderful parents, Donn and Jeanne  Weaver, who helped make him the great man that we will always remember.

Although some of you have known Todd his entire life, I only got to really know Todd after  high school, before he left for his first deployment to Iraq. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other while he was home for R&R and once his tour was over we were together ever since.

Todd brought to my life adventure, excitement and change. He pulled me out of a shell I had been so comfortable hiding in. It was like I didn’t know myself at all until I found Todd. Some ladies get jewelry or flowers for special occasions—not Todd. For my twenty-first birthday, we went skydiving. For Christmas, he taught me how to ski. He proposed in Russia, and we scuba dived in Jamaica and Key West. The gifts that Todd gave me are the memories, because memories never leave our hearts.

Todd’s ultimate sacrifice will shape my future as a mother and a Christian. And on this day I am reflecting on how much I have changed with Todd’s guidance and love. His gift to me for our third anniversary is courage. Courage to tackle each day with the same spirit he would have.

The most special gift that Todd has ever given me is our daughter, Kiley. The day she was born was the best day of our lives and seeing him with his baby girl—I knew he was going to be a great father. He even volunteered for the first diaper change! He would peruse the shelves of the Babies “R” Us forever looking for exactly the right toy for The Sweetie. His every concern was for her and how she was doing every time we talked.

I am devastated that we do not get to spend the rest of our lives together. I am so very happy that the last video  Todd saw of Kiley was of her walking for the first time. And Todd, I will try to raise Kiley with the same values and character that you had in this world. And although Kiley only got to spend time with you for nine months, she will know you through all of us and hear about what a hero you are.

My husband will always be watching over us from heaven and I will see him everyday through Kiley’s eyes. We love you. We miss you. 

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