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Dedication of Operation Enduring Freedom Monument

Scott T. Holcombe, Rector, November 11, 2014 

Dedication of the Afghanistan Memorial

Brevard County Veteran’s Center, Merritt Island FL 9:00am

Fr. Scott Holcombe, Rector, St David’s by the Sea, Cocoa Beach, FL


Holy, Holy, Holy God,

            We gather today as people of many faiths,

                        to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.


We remember those who gave their life in Afghanistan,

            for the soldiers who died,

                        for the families who mourn,

                                    for the tears they continue to weep.


for those who lost a father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, relative or friend,

                        for those who carry the physical and emotional wounds of battle,

                                    for those in military hospitals, those in rehabilitation facilities,

                                                and for those who carry the scars of war silently or invisibly.


Be with them,  bless them,  continue to heal them.

            We ask your protection for those who continue to fight this war.

                        Give them courage in the day of battle.

                                    Healing to the wounded.

                                                Rest for the weary.

                                                            Soothe the suffering,

                                                                        Give peace and comfort to the dying.


Help us as a nation, to reflect on the liberties that we so often take for granted.

            And realize that the price of our freedom is visible here.

                        Help us to minister to soldiers and military families with grace and courage.


We also  give thanks for gifted artists, skilled craftsmen, faithful donors, veteran’s groups,  

            and all who have worked, prayed, and funded this memorial.

                        We thank them for the sacrifice of time, toil and treasure that have helped to make

                                    This dream a reality.


We honor those whose lives will be touched by the monument that we dedicate today,

            For those today who are comforted by the memorial to their family members,

                        For those tomorrow who will see and visit this memorial,

                                    And to all who will pray that one day, all swords will be turned into plowshares,

                                                                                                nation shall not lift up sword against nation,                                                                                              and neither shall they learn war any more.


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit we dedicate this memorial for your glory and honor, Holy, holy, holy Lord. Amen. 

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