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A letter from the 2017 recipient of the William and Mary ROTC Military and Scholastic Excellence Award--transcribed here with permission from the recipient. 

Mr. and Mrs. Weaver,

My name is Will Avdellus. I am this year's recipient of the Todd Weaver award from W&M ROTC. I want to tell you a story so you know Todd is not forgotten here at William and Mary.


When I was a freshman, my first ROTC event was a group run. I performed well and finished with a group of Seniors. Before I could catch my breath, they circled around and asked, "Do you know who Todd Weaver is?" Of course I did not, and they proceeded to tell me Todd's story. The profundity of this occurrence is something I will never forget. Please let me reiterate this was my first exposure to these Senior Cadets. They decided it was more important to impart Todd's legacy than even introduced themselves. From that moment on I have been lucky enough to be guided by Todd's example.

I also assure you that I have made certain that the traditions detailed above continue to the present day. We have made a habit of ending this year's particularly strenuous training at Todd's Memorial near Wren Hall to remind ourselves of what we are fighting for. 

I will now carry Todd's coin wherever I go as I endeavor to make the world a better place and stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. I believe Todd sacrificed for those Sacred ideals and I hope to make him proud by using his example to make the world a better place. 

Thank you.

Most humbly and Sincerely, 

Will Avdellus

Class of 2017

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