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A Best Friend
Photo: Friends and Family attend Bluejays game
Author: Jeanne Harris Weaver 9/9/2016)©

September 9, 2016

Today is the sixth anniversary of Todd’s death in Afghanistan.


I think back to that day two days after Todd was killed when we gathered at the Queens Gardens at William and Mary and other events which took place during that first year. There were so many of you—his best friends. So many came to us with the wonderful memories and said to us —He was my best friend. How fortunate Todd was to understand the worth of unconditional love in friendships. 


I wonder how Todd gained the wisdom of understanding friendship at such a young age. He was only 26 when he was killed. From the time he was just a little boy it was evident he had to have friends. In our mobile lifestyle, he had to make new friends quickly. I remember one particular move we made during the summer time when he saw many young teenagers the same age as himself at the place where we had moved. They were stand-offish. They had their clique; and at first were not welcoming to him. He watched them from a distance for a period of a couple of weeks. I suppose he was assessing them. Then, he dove in to get to know them. Many of those teenagers became his friends for life and beyond. 


Todd was a man of commitment, honor, respect, and compassion.  He was a man who loved to have fun and to party. His friends came from all walks of life and interests. He met you on your terms and appreciated you for who you were. You could confide in him and trust that you were safe. He had your back. 


A best friend is someone you want to share those most important times of your life—your birthdays, your first car, your wedding, the birth of your children; your disappointments and heartaches. Time and distance does not take away a best friend. So many of you have shown that to be true. 


As he had your back, now, you have his. You accompanied him from Dover to his final resting place. You gave a Eulogy at his Celebration of Life service. You spoke at the Tree Dedication and other such events. You gathered at a Blue Jays games in memory of him. You created events to honor him. You posted on his Facebook page and on yours. You talked of him and remembered his family with notes and e-mails. You continue to visit him at Arlington National Cemetery and leave something of significance. You continue to leave something at his tree on the grounds of William and Mary. 


His physical presence may not be here; but he is still your best friend. When that special something happens in your life, know that Todd is looking down on you and smiling. He still has your back. 


love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor. —Romans 12:11


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